Portable Dragon’s Lair? Count me in.


The 1983 laserdisc classic Dragon’s Lair will follow its cousin Space Ace to the iPhone; Electronic Arts is handling the port. Now you can enjoy Dirk the Daring’s inquisitive grunting and Princess Daphne’s coquettish cooing in a convenient portable format.

The game will feature an arcade mode, faithful to the content of the original cabinet game, and a home mode that includes extra scenes. Space Ace, the other Don Bluth animated game on the iPhone/iPod Touch, was $4.99. No word on price point here, and delivery is listed as just “December 2009.”

Oh, man. I used to play Dragon’s Lair frequently when it came out in arcades. I even got my hands on a book with all of the moves, and quickly learned to beat the game. The first time I did so was at Aladdin’s Castle in Willowbrook Mall; the game had one of those monitors on top of it so others could see you play. When I finally slew Singe (the dragon), I heard applause behind me. I turned to see about 15-20 people watching me beat the game. Let me tell you, that gave a little boost to the ego… heh.

Since then, I’d purchased other ports of the game, for the Coleco ADAM (rather good despite the hardware limitations of the time), NES (wow, that was hard and pretty unplayable), and even the PC. I’d never gotten my hands on an arcade-perfect version yet, even though they’d been available for a while. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this… if only to add another little bit of nostalgia to my gaming catalog. :-)