Er… tag, I’m it?

Apparently I’ve been tagged to do this 20 facts about me thing by Demmie. Well, here goes…

Start: 12:52 PM

Write 20 things about yourself. Then tag as many people as it take minutes for you to write these 20 things.

1) About the only food I dislike is Mexican food. I’ve begun tolerating it as of late, but generally tend to avoid it.
2) I’m a big Star Trek fan, but said fandom died down a great deal thanks to Enterprise and Voyager.
3) I’ve gotten to meet several of the people responsible for making the Mortal Kombat series of games, which is my favorite.
4) I provide email services for my friends, family, and my Dad’s companies.
5) I started learning Linux after my friend Sinc introduced me to it. Now he comes to me for Linux advice.
6) My parents are from England. Most people who hear that think I’m British. I’m not; I was born outside of Chicago. I do supposedly qualify for dual citizenship.
7) My left eye is a lot stronger than my right eye. In fact, I didn’t start needing contacts in my left eye until I was 26 or 27.
8) I enjoy playing poker, and have gotten to the final table in my friend Michael’s last two Texas hold-em tournaments.
9) I much prefer British comedy to American comedy. Must be the Brit in me.
10) I’m the only one in my lunch group at work who will gladly go to an Indian restaurant.
11) I might be a Mortal Kombat fan, but the Japanese kanji seen on the banner of my site and my LJ and forum icons is actually inspired by Akuma from Street Fighter.
12) My personal website had a message that said it was under renovation for something like nine years because I couldn’t think of anything better to do with it.
13) I’m far heavier than I look. Most people think I’m 20 pounds or so lighter than I really am. I’m hoping that it’s muscle causing the discrepancy. ;-)
14) I had never been to Vegas prior to May 2004. Now I try to go at least twice a year.
15) When I travel, I carry a Game Boy Advance with me. It’s the only time I use portable game systems, too. My current favorite portable game is Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.
16) I enjoy listening to dance/house music (on the satellite music station) or 80s music (via Club 977) as background noise when on my PC.
17) I routinely listen to Overclocked Remixes as background music as well. What can I say… I enjoy videogame music.
18) Before I got into computers, I was in training to be a classical musician. I think I’m better off with computers, though I miss music sometimes.
19) I enjoy singing karaoke, and have yet to sing the same song twice.
20) I have Asperger’s Syndrome. However, I only learned this within the past year.

Finish: 1:03 PM.

Okay, so, 11 people. I’ll tag [info]jenndolari, [info]missyanthrope, [info]scotters83, ACJ, [info]draugr, [info]foxbaby, [info]shifter_, [info]shinnokxz, [info]badm0j0, [info]tygerlander, and Sean MC.

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