Fun with Linux installs…

Before I go any further, I shall bore you with the final Nova desktop! This one is from my personal account on my Powerbook.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Right now I'm stuck at our Cypress location, loading CentOS Enterprise Linux 4.0 onto our engineering fileserver. I'm doing it now (and will end up working late as a result) simply because the alternatives are working on it afterhours tomorrow or Friday, or on Saturday. I'm NOT using my holiday weekend to work on this project, and, well… I was already here fixing a network connectivity issue that ended up being a problem with a strand of fiber-optic cable. Fun. Oh, well… I have my music, I have some semblance of net access, and I can actually do most of the post-install configuration remotely on my Powerbook. (God bless SSH and X11… heh.) As it stands, I'm hoping I won't need to be here for TOO long after work.

Mom and Aunt Norma have made it to Vegas. As I've probably said before, they're going to go see Cirque du Soleil "O" and Blue Man Group while there, plus play lots of slots. They'll be coming back Saturday, and then Aunt Norma leaves a day or two later. Hopefully they'll enjoy their trip to Vegas, and win lots of money. :-)

Anyway, need to keep checking on this install… fun fun….