Random musings, part II…

Honesty is the best policy.

Jennifer and I had dinner at TGI Friday’s tonight. After dinner, we each ordered our own dessert. After we were done…

Jennifer: “That was delicious. And I was NOT sharing. … just kidding.”
Me: “No, you weren’t.”
Jennifer: “No, I really wasn’t.”

Poe’s Law, anyone?

Sometimes, on Twitter, I’ve been known to take something the official Mortal Kombat Twitter account says and make a wild unfounded rumor joke about it. Well, apparently in God of War, Kratos has something called “Quicktime moves” that he can use. A new gameplayer for Mortal Kombat featuring Kratos was released today, and @MK_MortalKombat retweeted someone noticing the Quicktime moves were in there. My response?

“Quicktime moves? OMG MK IS COMING OUT FOR MAC.”

I thought it was funny, until @MK_MortalKombat retweeted it, commenting, “No. :p” Well, crap. Now I have to wonder how many people out there actually thought I was being serious…

Why not remake Braveheart with Arabs while you’re at it?


I don’t even know where to go with that, other than what I said above. Really. It just seems like an incredibly stupid move. I mean… will they even be called Kaneda and Tetsuo anymore? What about Akira himself? What’s the damn point, other than to make it interesting to American audiences who won’t want to see the foreigners or subtitles… oh, right.

Never mind. After all, they’ve done the same thing with Let the Right One In and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.