Thursday morning ramblings…

Well, first off, traffic around here will be a little interesting next week, what with the World Series and all. Right now, the World Series is win-win for me; I was rooting for either the Astros and/or the White Sox (seeing as I’m originally from Chicago) to make it in. I’ll just have to remember not to watch the games themselves, as I know for a fact that I’m bad luck when watching. (The instant I tuned in on Monday, for example, it was the top of the 9th and the Astros took that opportunity to choke.) Still, like I said… no matter who wins, I’ll be happy.

I’m beginning to get a bit annoyed with the drive to work. When I drive to and from work, I listen to my iPod through my combination travel charger and FM transmitter. Usually I keep it on 89.1 FM, as that’s the one station on its range that’s the most empty. The past week, however, I’ve been getting an NPR station signal loud and clear, and it’s overpowering the iPod’s FM transmitter. What’s most insane about this is the fact that this particular NPR station is in San Antonio. I’m almost tempted to call them up and offer a donation if they’ll turn the power on their transmitters. Oh, well… it’s probably weather-related, but it’s still an annoyance.

Anyway, I need to get cracking on the interview for Jenn Dolari, and then do a bit more research on something for database backups, while continuing the whole support job thing… fun fun.