A brief Halloween story…

Here’s a little something that happened last Halloween that I thought was absolutely hilarious, and so I thought I would share it with all of you at home.

Anyway, Missy had told me the Saturday before Halloween that she was thinking of going to a haunted house with her niece and nephew. I wished her a fun time, and off she went. Fast forward to that evening, when I was sitting at my PC bored out of my skull. I remembered Missy was out, so I picked up my cell phone, and sent out a brief text message, and then went back to what I was working on.

… at that very moment, Missy was creeping along this haunted house with her niece and nephew, and out of nowhere the cell phone, on high vibrate, goes off in her pocket. Of course, she was on edge already and not expecting it, so she screams in fright. Her niece also screams, startled. Her nephew takes off running. She manages to calm herself down, get the phone out of her pocket, and check it. She then reads the text message I sent her.