^%$#ing assclowns!

Well, today was going to be a standard day, with not much of note happening… until it was time for us to head back to the office from lunch.

We had decided to hit Zydeco’s (a Cajun cafeteria in the middle of downtown) for lunch. We got the only parking spot available, which was right in the corner of the lot, and went in to eat. When we came out, we got a hell of a shock: some inconsiderate asshole in a red Dodge Ram 1500 had parked perpendicular to Cherry’s Tahoe, not four feet behind it. He had perfectly made a T out of the two vehicles… and as a result, Cherry’s vehicle was trapped.

We went back into Zydeco’s, and Cherry tried to find out whose truck it was. However, nobody owned up to owning it. On the other hand… one of the people waiting in line to pay was a wrecker driver, and he gladly came out after paying to tow it for us. :-) Unfortunately, the way the truck was parked meant that the tow truck couldn’t tow it out. On the other hand, seeing as the parking spot to the left of Cherry’s vehicle was open, Cherry let the tow truck driver drive, and he managed to maneuver it out.

I wish I could say I couldn’t believe someone would be such a fucking asshat, but unfortunately I can all too well. I have an utter lack of faith in humanity in that regard. I guess all I can do now is hope his/her utter selfishness bites him in the ass later down the road. Karma is a harsh mistress…