Hmmm… (testing followup)

Well, I ended up needing to correct a bug in one of WordPress’s files, but other than that, the post via email thing went off without a hitch. I should say, almost without a hitch; apparently it won’t replicate over to LiveJournal unless I edit and save the post in WordPress itself. Oh, well; when I’m on vacation, those people who want to read my posts will have to just watch the main D’Arque Cathedral site instead of keeping an eye on the LJ friends pages. :-)

Today should be a relatively quiet day all told, up until this evening. It’s poker night with the usual poker crowd, so hopefully I can earn a little extra spending money tonight. :-) As for this weekend, I’ll probably get into Quake 4 and spend some time with it. I’ve played Bloodlines quite a bit over the past couple of days, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s too bad the company who developed it went out of business; I certainly wouldn’t have minded getting an expansion pack for it.

Finally, for your amusement, my new desktop on the main PC. Yes, it’s a Quake 4 wallpaper with a WindowBlinds theme. :-)

Anyway, time for me to check on a few things here…. fun fun.