Why is there not one of these in Pearland?

Jennifer had a thing she was going to tonight, so we decided that we would meet for dinner right after work. After a bit of discussion, we decided on a place that had recently opened near her office called Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke. She had been there for lunch this past Friday, and not only did she love the food there, she knew I would enjoy it as well. Considering how well she knows me, I was looking forward to it.

The best way I can describe Bone Daddy’s is that it’s a barbecue joint that employs scantily-clad beautiful waitresses, a la Hooter’s or Twin Peaks. Jennifer hadn’t told me about the latter part, so I admit I was surprised when we walked in. The nice thing is that the outfits, while definitely meant to be sexy, are tasteful and not crass. Customer service was terrific, too, with our waitress not only giving numerous suggestions as far as food selections, she delivered hot towels to our table after our meal to clean our hands with. The hot towel thing was a new one for me, and I have to say it was very welcome considering how messy barbecue can get.

As for the food itself, well… wow. We started off with their “Hoot N’ Hooty’s Cheese Dip”, which is some of the best queso I’ve had in a while. The queso was filled with bacon and peppers, which gave it a kick… and the seasoned tortilla chips complemented it well. Jennifer had their brisket slider basket for her dinner, while I had the “Flying Pig” (pulled pork, link sausage, glazed ham, and bacon on a burger bun). The meat was especially juicy and tasty, and we were given a side bottle of barbecue sauce that was delicious. Her meal came with some damn good cole slaw (I’m not usually a fan of cole slaw, but this was good), and mine came with the best baked beans I’ve gotten from a barbecue joint in a LONG time. While the waitress recommended their banana pudding for dessert, we went with their brownie sundae instead. Dear God, the brownie was moist and rich, and the vanilla ice cream was great too. Of course, I had to have a beer with my meal, and they did not disappoint with their choices; not only did they have the standards on draft, they even had St. Arnold’s (a local brewery) selections available as well.

Jennifer actually just said it best: “This place covers the four Bs of men: beer, boobs, barbecue, and basketball.” The latter one was a reference to the fact that the place is covered with widescreen TVs, all set to sports channels. All in all, we had a great dining experience and I would love to go back. The only thing preventing me from doing so on a regular basis is the fact that I’m rarely at Jennifer’s office, as it’s the same distance from our house as my office, but in the exact opposite direction. I’m hoping the parent company decides to open more locations in the Houston area, as I would love to go to a Pearland-based location. Still, we’ll definitely be back, as this was most certainly worth having again.