A hypothetical conversation at a convention.

Hey you. Yeah, you, the one leering at that girl in the Catwoman costume. How’re you doing? Yeah, I’m enjoying the convention too. What? Oh, yeah, she’s pretty, and she did a great job on the costume. Yeah, I figured you might say that about her.

So, I’ve got a question for you.

See that guy over there? Yeah, the guy wearing the Starfleet uniform. He did a pretty good job on the costume, don’t you think? Yeah, he’s a little dorky, but he doesn’t look bad overall.

Anyway, I was wondering. Do you think he wore that so that girls would want to have sex with him?

Yeah, have your laugh. It’s a serious question. No? So, why do you think he wore it? I think he wore it because he thinks it looks cool and a convention like this gives him an opportunity to wear it in public. Makes sense, right?

Now that we established that, let me ask you this question. What makes you think the girl in the Catwoman costume is wearing it because she wants you to have sex with her? Yeah, yeah, you can splutter all the misogynist excuses you want, but let’s get real for a minute. Don’t you think it’s much more likely that she wore it for the same reason the guy from Starfleet wore HIS costume: because she thinks it looks cool and a convention like this gives her an opportunity to wear it in public?

I’m pretty sure she isn’t looking for that kind of attention, despite what your libido is thinking. In fact, I’m pretty sure the guy next to her is her boyfriend, so she doesn’t need you or anyone else ogling her. She’s here to have a fun time with fellow geeks, like the rest of us.

So, please, do all of us a favor: stop being a damn creeper and treat people like her with respect. We all look bad when you pull stunts like this.