Cutting back on the social networking posts…

Those who follow me on the three social networking platforms I’m on (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) have probably realized that I’ve been posting a lot less often than usual. There’s a reason for that.

A good chunk of my social network postings have been done during work hours, when I was between tasks and/or not engaged in anything that needed doing. I don’t believe it interfered with my work and my supervisors never had an issue with it. Still, I was discussing the issue with Jennifer recently, and she helped me come to the realization that I probably was spending too much time on it. I then decided to cut my usage drastically.

Instead of keeping the feeds open on a regular basis, I’ve restricted myself to only checking them on scheduled breaks. I don’t see as much (especially on Twitter) and I’m less inclined to post. I’d considered simply deleting the accounts altogether, but I’m not quite ready to go to that step.

In any event, I’ve been finding the changes work out pretty well for me. I’m taking social networking less seriously, and don’t feel as disconnected when away from it. I’ll still read and post every so often, but for now, I don’t mind being quieter.