A bit of a musical note…

A lot of my friends know I happen to really like Blue Man Group. I have their album Audio and have seen their show in Vegas twice. Well, today I happened to be browsing around the iTunes Music Store, and saw that they have a celebrity playlist (link only viewable if you have iTunes). Out of curiosity, I went ahead and took a look.

The main thing that jumped out at me was the inclusion of the song “A Different Drum” by Peter Gabriel. “A Different Drum” is from an album called Passion, which is somewhat obscure. Enough so, in fact, that I’ve only come across two other people who have even heard of it; that doesn’t even include Missy, who I gather is a Peter Gabriel fan. The CD is in fact his soundtrack to the movie The Last Temptation of Christ, so it’s hardly a rock/pop album. It’s filled with world-type music and the like, and I rather enjoy it. In fact, “A Different Drum” is my favorite track off that album.

So, needless to say, I was rather surprised and impressed with the fact that they added it to their celebrity playlist.

If you have iTunes and you want to get an idea of what the album is like, you can find it on iTunes Music Store by clicking here.