The return of the D’Arque Cathedral…

Well, it finally happened.

My website, the D’Arque Cathedral, has been offline “for renovation” for the past seven or eight years. It’s actually become something of a running joke, really… even my friend Louie would make jokes about it being down for so long. No more.

The D’Arque Cathedral is finally online, and now exists as my personal weblog. :-) I’ll still keep my LiveJournal for my LJ friends to comment on, but all posts will originate on the D’Arque Cathedral and be replicated over to the LiveJournal. For reference, I also imported the last month’s worth of LJ entries into the site.

Why have I done this? Well, I’d been considering it for a while, but didn’t feel like writing a completely new site on my own. Then, I got back in touch with my friend Sean MC, and found that he and a couple of others were using this software called WordPress. I looked it over, liked what I saw, and went with it. :-) I found the site template while doing a bit of searching, and went from there.

And now that the site is online, I’m going to go to bed. Before I do, I want to thank Missy for finding the image used in my header, and a BIG thank you to Scott Howell for making a heck of a nice header out of it. It truly is greatly appreciated. :-)

Oh! I forgot the URL. It’s

Thanks for everyone’s patience, and I’ll see you all around…

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