Hmmm… end of the week.


I’ve ended up making an appointment with my eye doctor tomorrow morning. My left eye is still a little irritated and bloodshot. I’m thinking that when I had to put my contact for that eye back in after it fell out Monday, that it might have gotten an eyelash underneath it that ended up scratching the surface of the eye. It’s a little better today, but I’d feel better if Dr. Moyer took a look at it in the morning.

In addition, I’ve gone since Sunday night without drinking any soda. This is actually something of a record for me, as I’ve always had at least one or two Diet Cokes a day. The fun thing is… I really don’t miss it. I’ve been doing fine with coffee and water (with the occasional beer). I think I’ve turned the bend and have pretty much kicked the habit… with the exception of having to remind myself to order water and not Diet Coke when at places like Fuddrucker’s and the like.

Today was the annual Christmas luncheon here at the office, complete with a gift giveaway. We each had three numbers, and if we won something and one of our numbers was drawn again, we could trade our old gift for the new one. I was really hoping for the poker set, the large wood cabinet 70th anniversary Monopoly set, or even the 26″ widescreen TV. Instead, I won a company polo shirt. (I must have more of those than anyone else in the company… heh.) Then, almost to seal my fate, so to speak… the next shirt that was up for grabs was won by one of my other numbers. *sigh* Oh, well… it’s better than nothing. :-)

Anyway, I’d better get back to work… then later on will be meeting Sean and Jinny for coffee, which should be fun. Ah, well… back to the grind…