A grand old time…

Well, it’s about halfway through my second day here, and I’m still in the black as far as my gambling goes. I also have been spending far more time on the tables than playing the slots. I had originally planned on playing blackjack, but instead I’ve been playing this new Texas Hold Em table game they got in about three weeks ago. It plays very much like standard Hold Em, except that it’s you against the dealer. I’ll probably play a bit more when I get back to Bally’s; right now we’re at the Cheesecake Factory having an early dinner.
We also saw Wayne Newton last night. I must say, I would are his regular show next time I’m in town. He was funny and out on a good show. Afterwards we got to have our picture taken with him and shake his hand; I’ll probably post it as soon as we get it scanned in.
In any event, that’s enough from here for now. I might post a bit later, but for now, it’s dinnertime.