A couple of amusing server anecdotes…

Well, Dad is still being driven bonkers by the blue glowy LEDs on the front of Tyrande’s (my main server) case. When I was changing the backup tape a couple of days ago, I noticed he had gone to the case manufacturer’s website, and searched for ways to disable the LEDs. He had left the printout of his results sitting on top of the servers’ monitor. He also made it clear that when we clean up the server area and get it looking nicely, he intends to have me disable those lights. If there’s a way I can do it without affecting the temperature gauge, then I’m all for it. Otherwise, he’ll just have to live with it; I’d like to know ahead of time if the machine is overheating.

On the other hand, Dad did come up with a use for Tyrande’s old case (as opposed to immediately tossing it out, as we’ll never use it again): he’s literally using it as a doorstop for the office door. :-)

Oh, well… I’ll probably throw out a standard post later this afternoon. We’ll see. For now… it’s about lunchtime. :-)