A midweek post…

*sneeze* *cough*

Today is not one of my better days. My throat is slightly sore, but more to the point I’ve been sneezing and coughing up phelgm for the past day or two. I would have loved to stayed in bed sick this morning, but unfortunately stuff at work has made it where I desperately need to get tapes switched out at the datacenter this morning. *sigh* At the very least, I suppose I can hide in my office until lunch and pray no one comes and bothers me needing something.

Right now I’m just sitting at my desk taking care of miscellaneous support issues and drinking coffee. I still need to label some tapes and speak to our electrician about the cost of putting in some data cables elsewhere. I’m hoping when I get done at the datacenter this afternoon, I can vanish before the traffic gets too bad and head home. Not sure what I’m doing about dinner, though… might pick up some Chinese or something, seeing as I’m probably going to pick up some coffee and filters for my new coffeemaker on the way home.

On a slightly different note, I’ve been playing Louie’s copy of Namco Museum recently, and have really gotten into the included “update” of Galaga called Galaga Arrangement. It’s much more complex than the original game, and even has a boss fight at the end. In fact, I’d consider Galaga Arrangement to be much closer to Galaga ’88 than the original Galaga. The main advantage is that Galaga Arrangement allows for continues. :-) Next I’ll be trying Dig Dug Arrangement… that should be fun. :-)

Anyway, I need to get working on checking some stuff here… fun fun.