A fighting game meme….

Damn, when was the last time I even posted in this category? Anyway, you all can blame Jenn Dolari for this one.

Fighting game I love: Mortal Kombat X (both console and mobile).
Fighting game I hate: Primal Rage. I find the controls to be so unresponsive that the game isn’t fun to play at all.
Fighting game that’s overrated: While I love the look/feel, gameplay-wise I’d say Killer Instinct. The combo system annoys the hell out of me.
Fighting game that’s underrated: Darkstalkers 3. I feel the series doesn’t get enough love because it’s seen as “Street Fighter with monsters”.
Fighting game I wish I could be good at: Any of the Tekken series. It’s a great series, but I just can’t wrap my head around the actual gameplay.
Fighting game I secretly like: Time Killers.
All-time favorite fighting game: Mortal Kombat II.