Stargate SG-1 game officially cancelled…

According to online reports, Perception, the Australian developer of Stargate SG-1: The Alliance, has cancelled the near-finished title and appears to be in the process of closing its doors, following continued issues regarding the game.

Posts by forum administrators on the game’s website forum appear to confirm the news that the game has been cancelled, suggesting that an official statement from MGM and/or Perception will be forthcoming in the next few days.

I had played this at E3 and didn’t think it was TOO bad… though I can understand why it’d be cancelled at this point. The big problem, to me, was the fact that the plotline revolved around Anubis and his quest for power… and the “incarnation” of Anubis they used stopped being seen at the end of season seven. It’s season nine now, the Goa’uld are defeated, O’Neill is gone, and the Ori are the big bad guys. The game’s plotline’s too out of date now.

Still, it is a disappointment.