Another weekend over, and all that.

*sigh* I must say, this weekend has been a mix of both work and laziness; I’ve either been hard at work on stuff or laying in bed and sleeping. I guess part of the problem has been the fact that my trip to Wyoming and Canada is on Tuesday, yet I’m not exactly motivated to go quite yet. *sigh* Oh, well…

Part of my job this weekend has been getting data off this one drive; even on a 100 Mbps LAN connection, 30 GB takes a while to transfer. The worst part is that the only place I could store the data was on my iPod, as I’ll need to take the data to work with me tomorrow so I can transfer it back onto that hard drive once it’s been formatted with NTFS. (If anyone from work is watching; the machine was heavily firewalled and only I had access to it the entire time.) Once that was done, I had to put the test server the drive was sitting in back on the outside network, and put my spare 80 GB drive in place of the drive from work so that it could be used for backing up the MK Online site data. Most of that stuff has been hurry up and wait type stuff… *sigh*. Oh, well.

Tomorrow’s not going to be fun, either. I have to do some general cleanup around my desk area, check a gate card for someone at another company at our campus, burn a couple of data discs for the trip, transfer the data off my iPod and then resync it with my iTunes collection, etc. Then, when I get home, I need to make sure my laptop bag is packed only with the equipment and paperwork I need (I REALLY don’t need to have TSA asking about the computer toolkit should I forget to take it out), pack my bags, and then be up in time for me to leave for the airport at 4:45 AM. :-/

Ah, well. I suppose I should see about getting some AA batteries charged for my digital camera; I’ll need it for the trip to Rock Springs. Fun fun. Once that’s done… who knows.