A minor update and a relaxing weekend…

Well, I made a slight change to the site. On the top toolbar you’ll see a link marked “gallery”. That leads to my online gallery; I’ve actually had the gallery online for a long while (even before I relaunched darquecathedral.org), but this is the first time I’ve actually linked to it from the main page. Feel free to browse and whatnot. :-) I just wish I could run Gallery 2… heh. The thing is, I REALLY like the color scheme of the gallery as it is now, but I haven’t been able to find an equivalent color scheme in Gallery 2. That really sucks, because the color scheme now matches the main site almost perfectly. Oh, well… maybe in time I will.

I’m just glad right now that I can spend this weekend relaxing. It was a rather hectic week at work this week, with my having to make sure the phone system worked properly at our Corporate office after its processor and hard drive went haywire. At least one night this week ended with me not leaving work until 8:15 PM or thereabouts. I’m just glad at this point that I get to go on a two day vacation next week. Too bad I have to make the drive up to Buffalo, TX the day after I get back… heh.

On another subject, it’s been kinda interesting… over the past several months I’ve been re-establishing contact with a few people from my old high school and prior days. First it was Sean MC, then Kourt, then Meredith. Now within the past week, I’ve encountered another one: Kerri. HI KERRI! :-) On one hand, it’s kinda weird re-establishing contact with these people (a couple of which I haven’t spoken to face-to-face in like 14 years). On the other hand… it’s kinda fun being able to. :-)

Anyway, I just got handed a support ticket from work (sometimes being on-call 24/7 sucks), so I’d better go off and take care of it. Fun fun…

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