My interview with Ed Boon…

One of the things I got to do Tuesday night was interview Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat and the project lead for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Joe was good enough to tape it for us using my camcorder, and we went ahead and posted it this afternoon. If anyone would care to watch it or read the transcript, you can reach it at the following link. (Be warned, you’ll need to register with the site in order to download the videos.)

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much of a choice as to where we could film the interview, so there was a LOT of background noise. That and the fact that my camcorder doesn’t support external microphones made it very difficult to hear Ed during the interview. More to the point, I think the interview illustrates beautifully why I stay behind the cameras for the most part. I didn’t have time to think up questions beforehand; those who are familiar with me know I have a stutter, and it’s more pronounced when I’m on the spot and haven’t had time to think about what I’m going to say. As you can tell in the video, the stutter was rather pronounced. *sigh* I think I’m going to let Justin handle interviews from this point forward. It’s not so much that I’m being down on myself, but I just think it reflected poorly on the site’s professionalism.

Oh, well. I’ll stick to what I’m best at for the site. At least there I can feel good about what I do for the site. :-)

3 thoughts on “My interview with Ed Boon…”

  1. Hey.. honestly I thought you did a great job on the interview. I don’t think I’d be able to do it any better. When I watched it today I was honestly impressed. Thanks Scott!

  2. You obviously needed a few sconds to start up, and that’s how it should be. It was good from there.

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