Thought for food…

Well, today was a good day, lunch-wise. I got a call from my coworkers telling me that we were going to Houston’s for lunch, and that the CFO was picking up the tab. So, we all piled into a vehicle, and made our way to Houston’s (which is located at Kirby and Westpark).

My God, that food was good. It was expensive, but damn good. We started off with smoked salmon and spinach dip as a shared appetizer (yes, they’re separate dishes). Then, for an entree, I got the “Knife and Fork” Barbecue Pork Ribs. They were, to put it bluntly, the most delicious ribs I’ve ever had. Then we all shared a brownie a la mode and key lime pie for dessert. I don’t like key lime pie, but the brownie was wonderful.

My final opinion? It would be a GREAT place to take a date out for dinner. I highly recommend it.

(And yes, I brought a box of rib leftovers back with me. :-) )