Another fine Saturday and all that…

Well, today has been slightly productive so far. Then again, I haven’t really been motivated to do much. About the biggest thing I’ve done this afternoon has been to migrate my gallery from Gallery 1 to Gallery 2. The main reason I hadn’t migrated before now was because I couldn’t find a theme that matched the color scheme of the main site, like Gallery 1 did. It never occurred to me that what I needed wasn’t a theme per se, but a color pack. Once I installed the color pack module, I found that it did indeed have a black color pack similar to what the black theme in Gallery 1 looked like. So, like I said, I migrated it over, and all should be good now.

Tonight should be an interesting night. My parents and I have tickets to see Cirque du Soleil’s Delirium down at the Toyota Center at 8 PM. This isn’t like previous Cirque du Soleil performances we’ve been to; this is much more of a concert performance. I’m quite looking forward to it, as I really enjoy the music at Cirque du Soleil shows. I have the soundtracks to O, Varekai, and Kà, and will very likely get the soundtrack to this show when it’s done. (I don’t have the soundtrack to Zumanity, but then I never did care for that show.) It’ll make a nice addition to my iTunes library… heh.

Actually, I do have a bit of an amusing story to tell relating to the site, though I will admit Dad will probably not find it so funny. :-) When I got home from meeting my friend Robin for drinks and dinner last night, I got online and found my father had left a comment on a previous entry asking when I had met Cirque du Soleil people. I had to explain to him this morning that what I was doing was reposting a Houston Chronicle story, and the fact that I had linked to the original story and italicized the stuff I was quoting from it should have clued him in. He also asked me when I got home last night if I had gone clothes shopping. I looked at him and said no… then asked him why he thought I was. His response? “You posted you were going to on your site.” I just looked at him strangely and said, “Uh, Dad, that post was from a week ago…”

Anyway, it’s time I got into some semblance of readiness for tonight, as we’ll be having dinner early. Granted, it’ll be fish and chips at home, but I probably won’t have much time afterwards for getting ready. I’ll post later tonight on what I thought of it. :-)