Car troubles, and the more things change…

Well, this should be interesting… I upgraded the main site from WordPress 1.5.2pl2 to WordPress 2.0.2. I’m not sold on the backend changes quite yet, but overall it seems to be working all right. Hopefully those of you viewing from home won’t be seeing anything majorly different about the site, though.

I do admit to some annoyance on another subject. I finally got ahold of the service department at the Saturn dealership this afternoon, and they told me that the valve body on my transmission had developed several internal pressure leaks causing the solenoids to warp, and that as a result it needed to be replaced. That’s going to set me back $1100. *sigh* Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. Also as a result, the car won’t be ready until 3 PM tomorrow, which will be a bit of a pain in the ass. I have stuff that needs doing at both my office and at the datacenter, and I’d just as soon get them fixed sooner rather than later. Oh, well… in the meantime I can still work from home.

On a different subject… I’ve been having a bit of difficulty with something my parents and friends have been telling me. Back when I was going to high school (something like 15 years ago), I passed the intersection of FM 2920 and Kuykendahl, and there was literally nothing there. Each corner was an empty field. Even when I was last at that intersection (something like 6-7 years ago), all that was there was a Shell at one corner. Now apparently one corner has a full Kroger center, another corner has a full Wal-Mart center, and there’s a Chili’s, a Philly Cheesesteak, and a Buffalo Wild Wings there. I’m going to have to go up there to try and reconcile this, because my brain is refusing to accept such a radical change. It’s not that I don’t believe it’s happened; Mom brought me wings from Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch today. It’s just that… I need to see it to accept it. I can’t decide whether it makes me feel outdated, nostalgic, or just plain old. (Also, it should be amusing seeing Merrie express shock that I didn’t know about any of this… when she recovers from her surgery, that is. Speaking of which, get well soon!)

Oh, well… I’m just going to go get a drink and then ponder going to bed. I’ve got a real fun day ahead of me tomorrow… heh.

One thought on “Car troubles, and the more things change…”

  1. Twice now, coming in from Austin, I have driven through that intersection and have missed the right turn to southbound Kuykendahl because I did not recognize the landscape. I am accustomed to pasture, barbed wire fence, windmills and the occasional cow. Now it is all schlock.

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