Interesting… someone got a Mactel to dualboot OS X and WinXP.

niemassacre writes “According to, the contest has been won – nearly $14k to narf2006 for submitting a working solution to dual-booting Windows XP and Mac OS X on an Intel-Powered mac. A thread on has confirmations from several testers that the procedure works on the 17″ iMac, the Mac mini, and the MacBook Pro. Many sets of pictures and videos (such as this installation video) are floating around (and mentioned in the thread). The solution itself should be posted soon.” Poit! Congratulations to narf.

The thread at appears to be Slashdotted, but even so this is a very interesting development. I know at least one person who would get a MacBook Pro if he could dual-boot Mac OS X and Windows XP Professional on it. It’s certainly something I would end up doing sooner or later once I get an Intel-based Mac laptop. Congratulations to narf2006 for figuring it out!