The answers to the music lyric meme…

I had actually expected more people to play this, but I guess not. As it stands, Tygerlander wins with one answer, and Jenn gets second place for getting #15 half-right (she had the song title wrong). The sad thing is… I expected her to get #8, and for Foxie to get #18. If anyone had gotten #3, though, it would have shocked me as I can count on one hand how many people have even heard of the artist. All in all, though, this meme illustrates beautifully how varied my musical tastes are. That said… the answers:

1) All around me, I see what weakness has made — Collective Soul – Needs

2) The sun rises to another day — Creed – Illusion

3) When the big boys meet on the Sunset Strip, yeah — Steve Stevens – Atomic Playboys

4) From the coast of gold across the seven seas — Iron Maiden – Wasted Years

5) With the sun right through, departed into darkness, I need someone too — Clannad – Now is Here

6) You better watch what you say — Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – You Got Lucky

7) Strange shapes light up the night — Blue Oyster Cult – Take Me Away

8) In the jungle I run tonight — Journey – Only Solutions

9) I know that your powers of retention — Jeremy Irons, Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, & Jim Cummings – Be Prepared

10) Ya better come inside when you’re ready to — Def Leppard – Armageddon It

11) At first I didn’t have the will to carry on — Seal – Bring It On

12) Broken lines, broken strings — Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Everything is Broken

13) Upon a darkened night the flame of love was burning in my breast — Loreena McKennitt – The Dark Night of the Soul

14) Sad suffering, I knew you when, farewell thee friend of mine — Alice in Chains – Get Born Again

15) All that you touch, all that you see — Pink Floyd – Eclipse

16) I hear your heartbeat but you’re never there — Pat Benatar – Painted Desert

17) I hear a voice in the room next to mine — Stevie Nicks – If Anyone Falls

18) Confusion in her eyes that says it all — Joy Division – She’s Lost Control

19) Playground schoolbell rings, again — Evanescence – Hello

20) Well someone told me yesterday — The Police – So Lonely