Saturday night and all’s well…

Well, I suppose I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday. I’m sitting at home, keeping an eye on IRC, having a beer, and listening to my iPod (which is hooked up to my home theater). I had come up with the idea earlier of challenging people on #mortalkombat to Mortal Kombat: Deception, and giving them five Dragon Points (used for rank upgrades on MK Online) if they could beat me without using cheats or infinites. Unfortunately, the one time I actually tried playing against someone, I kept getting an error saying, “Connection quality is inadequate.” Gah, so much for THAT idea… So, now I’m just relaxing and not doing too much.

Tomorrow would normally not be too busy either, except for the fact that I need to head over to my office to pick up asset tags. I’ll need them for my business trip next week, and I won’t have time to get them before I leave on Monday. I wish I didn’t have to go to the office, but it’s my own damn fault for forgetting the damn tags in the first place. I’ll also need to pack for the trip tomorrow evening as well, but that shouldn’t take too long. Otherwise, like I said, it’ll be a quiet day.

My real busy day this weekend was last night. I needed to go over to Louie’s apartment after work to finish up getting his machine into some semblance of stability; as I believe I said in a previous post, his machine is so advanced that I’m having to be creative about driver installation. For example, the motherboard drivers were only available in the 64-bit of Windows XP, so we ended up putting Windows XP Professional X64 Edition on it. Then we found said motherboard drivers didn’t include audio drivers, so I had to install the audio portion only from standard nForce 4 drivers. About the most embarrassing part was trying to get the network card working; it took me an hour before I realized that the ethernet controller Device Manager wasn’t recognizing was the onboard NIC, and that XP had recognized the Realtek PCI card I had installed. When I left, the machine was up and running and all of the important hardware had been detected. Only time will tell whether it’ll stay stable or not, though.

Oh, well, that’s my weekend in a nutshell. Now to find something to occupy my time… fun fun.