A long-kept secret in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks has been revealed…


A new mode was discovered in MK: Shaolin Monks called Survival Mode. This mode lets you fight in the arenas against multiple bosses at once (including a simultaneous fight against the Orochi Hellbeast and Inferno Scorpion!). Level one lets you start out against Baraka, some Nomads, and eventually some Masked Guards.

This was actually a bit of a surprise. Survival Mode was hinted at during the Fight Night chat last October that we held; at the very end, Barclay Smith and Adam Puhl had the following exchange:

(Barclay-Smith) Adam you should reveal Survival Mode
(Adam-Puhl) it’s too much to type :)
(John-Edwards) survival mode??
(Adam-Puhl) but keep looking
(Barclay-Smith) I KNOW ITS IN THERE
(Adam-Puhl) ME TOO!

A few months after the game’s release, I started a stickied topic on MK Online’s MKSM Discussion forum, to help spur interest in locating the elusive Survival Mode. Well, this morning, two of the forum/chat members, sektor_rulz and Goroliath, managed to locate it. :-) Full instructions for locating it are in the news post above. I’ve yet to try it, but it’ll give me something to do on Sunday. In any event, my hearty congratulations to those two for finding it!