And now, another example of, “I can’t make stuff like this up…”

Steven Seagal is a martial arts master who has gone on to have a successful movie career, starring in movies such as Above The Law, Under Siege and Exit Wounds. As a “blues fan”, Steven Seagal admires and has been inspired by some of the greatest musicians ever, such as Curtis Mayfield, Lightning Hopkins, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King and Robert Johnson. Mixed with world music’s strong influence, his “blues world” compositions appear as natural, subtle, and authentic.

I don’t know whether to chuckle or cry. Then again, Garret has apparently heard his music before, and said, “I’ve heard his music before. It’s not nearly as kickass as his movies. But… I guess it isn’t too bad.” I’ll take his word for it; I have no plans to travel to New York just to find out for myself. :-)