Halfway through the weekend…

Well, I would like to say that today’s been productive, but unfortunately it’s not been the case.

Last night was actually kind of fun, because Sinc and I finally gave Dawn of War a spin in multiplayer. I think we’re getting used to the concept of having infantry squads as opposed to just singular units. It took me a little bit to get used to playing as Chaos Space Marines as opposed to regular Space Marines, though. Sinc played as regular Space Marines, and we ended up playing against a pair of CPU opponents: one was a group of Space Marines too, and the other was a group of Orks. We won by the skin of our teeth… mainly because Sinc couldn’t figure out how to get his troops around this obstacle he had put up for a long time. I came damn close to being knocked out… fortunately my base defenses held against the sea of troops attempting to take it. :-) I think we’ve found a keeper, especially seeing as it didn’t have anywhere near the amount of lag problems that Command & Conquer Generals had been having recently.

We ended up taking Dad for his Father’s Day dinner tonight at Outback Steakhouse. We never go to dinner on the actual holidays, simply because the restaurants get more crowded than we’re willing to deal with. The meal was pretty good, as always… though, I must admit, I’m starting to get burned out on Outback. One place I wish I could go to more often is Chili’s; however, Dad doesn’t like Chili’s, so it becomes a moot point. That’s one nice thing about travelling out of town: I can usually find a Chili’s nearby. Ah, well… maybe I can convince them to try something different next week.

Speaking of out of town… the flight home yesterday wasn’t the most fun one I ever had. I got to the airport, had a rather generic burger in the food court, and went to the gate at 4 PM… only to see that the 4:25 PM flight to Houston (the one before mine) was cancelled. Oh, boy. I checked Continental’s website using my cell phone, and it turned out my flight WAS still running, but that it was going to be a half-hour late. Sure enough, it was. *sigh* Oh, well… at least I didn’t have anything pressing going last night. All in all, though… next time, if I’m going to be going to Odessa, I’m going to eat before I get to the airport. The generic food there did nothing for me, and there’s several good places between the location and the airport. At least I got everything done there that I needed to get finished.

As for tomorrow… I might meet a friend for drinks after dinner (I’ve found myself roped into having dinner with the folks), and I still need to replace the hard drive on Frost (I actually found a spare I can use as a replacement here). Otherwise, it’ll be just another quiet day, which is just what I need, really. Ah, well… :-)