I suppose it’s time for a normal post.

Damn, I haven’t posted a regular post in a while. I suppose I should rectify that now… heh.

*sigh* It’s not that I’ve had much time to do such posts recently, actually. I spent most of last week on a business trip to Casper, WY. As beautiful as Casper is, it annoyed me to no end that data service didn’t work too well. Data service on my cell phone was very sporadic. In addition, I was staying in a Holiday Inn that had free wifi service, yet the service kept cutting out on me. It was worst on Wednesday night, when I ended up taking my laptop down to the lobby in order to get a decent signal. Ah, well… at least I can say that I got most of the work I was sent to do done. On the other hand, one set of equipment didn’t arrive until fifteen minutes after my flight home took off Friday, so that part didn’t get done. We’re not worried there; we can get someone local to do the preliminary configuration and then finish the configuration remotely. At this point I’m just glad this is the last trip I need to take for the foreseeable future. I have enough work waiting for me at the office that I need to catch up on.

I picked up a new game to try yesterday: Halo for PC. All right, all right, it’s an old game, but I wanted to give it a try and see how it is. I might also pick up a Playstation 2 to USB adapter from Fry’s so I can play Halo on it and get practice playing first-person shooters using a gamepad. As much as I like the keyboard and mouse combination, I’ll need to get used to a gamepad if I’m going to start playing console FPS games. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping to the keyboard/mouse and progressing that way. The game’s been interesting so far… should be fun to see how it goes. Of course, I’ll likely have to pick up an Xbox 360 if I want to play Halo 2

Of course, I’m not looking forward to Tuesday, either. Apparently I developed an ingrown toenail that needs to be cut out… and it got badly infected, or else I would have had it done last Monday. Under doctor’s orders I’ve been soaking my feet twice a day and taking antibiotics. Trust me, finding epsom salt, white vinegar, measuring cups, and a container to put my feet in my first day in Casper was fun as all hell. Fortunately the soakings and antibiotics have helped and the infection’s been knocked down. Also, hopefully the soakings and antibiotics will finish once the procedure is done. I’m just not looking forward to the procedure itself. I hate surgeries…. heh.

Ah, well. I think that’s about all I had to say this time around. I’ll probably update with more stuff in a day or two once I figure out what I want to say… heh.