Is the email world a slightly safer place to be?

As some readers might know, I installed a virus scanning solution for the D’Arque Cathedral email setup. The virus scanning consists of all email being filtered through a combination of Clam AntiVirus and amavisd-new; any infected message gets quarantined before it hits a mailbox and an email warning is sent to me. Anyway, on a whim, I checked my mail folder that contains the virus alerts, and checked to see when the last time an infected email message hit the server.

The last actual worm-infected message to hit my server was received on August 3rd. All alerts since then have been for phishing emails (which ClamAV/amavisd-new also detect).

I must say, I’m rather surprised that I’ve gone an entire month without getting an actual virus/worm email to ANY address on my mail server. Maybe all of the fuss that was made in the news about these viruses have wised people up to the fact that if they’re running Windows, they NEED virus scanners. I can’t imagine the worm writers had just given up. Maybe, just maybe, the public at large will listen to security concerns about their PCs if they’re shouted loud enough.

Here’s hoping that’s the case, anyway.