Annoyance overwhelming.

Well, if you’ve noticed the lack of “Current Mood” and “Current Music” fields on the site, it’s because I’m trying out a different LJ crosspost plugin for WordPress. I’m actually hoping this one handles cuts and whatnot better than the old one did. We’ll see.

Right now, I admit to some annoyance. This morning I received an email from a coworker telling me to get an airline ticket and hotel reserved, as he and I are now going to Villahermosa, Mexico on Monday. I’ve already booked the hotel and the flight; the main stumbling block is going to be my passport. My passport expired last month, and I have an appointment at the regional passport office downtown tomorrow to see if I can get a rush on my passport. Here’s hoping, as I don’t really relish the thought of trying to get out and in the country without a passport.

Ah, well. Hopefully this trip won’t end up like the last one did, with me having to rush home because of a hurricane. :-)

EDIT: Okay, it looks fine except the LJ side got a bigass header with the post. Ah, well… they can live with it, I hope. This plugin does more of what I need anyway, so it gets to stay for the time being.