A side to Tom & Jerry not normally considered…

A little bit ago, I was doing my daily lunchtime web browsing, when I came across this VG Cats comic.

VGCats from 13 Sep 2006

It is a rather somber and depressing comic, when you get right down to it. The thing is, it also reminds me of one of my favorite Doctor Who novels called “The Crooked World”. In it, the Doctor and his companions arrive on a world almost exactly like that of old Saturday morning cartoons. The world itself is also rather malleable and subject to outside influences, so thanks to the Doctor and friends, more “real” concepts start popping up. One of them appears when Jasper the cat finally loses his temper after losing so much to Squeak the mouse, and kills him. Jasper ends up being charged with murder, and wants nothing more than to be punished for killing his friend. The Doctor, however, defends him in court, helping him and everyone else understand the changes they’re going through.

The story itself (especially Jasper’s story) ends on a happy ending, with everyone becoming more somber and wiser. Still, it’s something to think about… at one point, would the toons grow up? Would they learn responsibility? What would they choose?

*sigh* It’s times like this where you wish you could see those toons through a kid’s eyes again.