Here’s hoping today ends up being better than yesterday.

Well, I had an interesting day yesterday. Note that I didn’t say fun-filled. I had planned for some fun and meeting with Louie yesterday, but it didn’t QUITE turn out that way. The original plan was to meet Louie at his apartment at 11 AM so that I could talk to him about making his old Gateway PC a file/printer server. Then, in the evening, we’d go somewhere for dinner and drinks.

Instead, I got a call at about 7:30 AM waking me up. Apparently something had happened to the network at the company datacenter, and I needed to go down there and figure out what was up. The datacenter is less than a mile from Louie’s apartment, so I asked if I could go a TAD later. Unfortunately, with it being the end of the month, the answer was no, so off I went. I finally got everything fixed and was out of there by 9:15 AM. With an hour and forty-five minutes to kill, I drove to a nearby IHOP, and had breakfast consisting of a “Vive le French Toast” and three cups of coffee. I was done by 10 AM, so with another hour to kill, I went to the Starbucks at the intersection by his apartment complex and ordered a venti coffee while browsing the net on my phone. At 10:45 I made my way over to Louie’s.

If you’ve been paying close attention, you can probably guess what the horrendous mistake I made was.

Shortly after lunch, my heart started feeling tingly. It came and went, and I figured I could just ignore it… until we had gotten finished and Louie’s and were heading to my place. As I drove down Louetta, it started feeling worse, to the point where I realized I really needed to have it looked at. So, as soon as I got home, Dad drove me over to the hospital emergency room (with a stop at the emergency clinic that turned out to be closed).

It turned out that my guess was right: the equivalent of five to six cups of coffee in less than two hours had lead to an overdose, making me think I was having heart issues. They did an EKG on me, hooked me up to monitoring equipment, and did blood work on me; the end result was that my heart was fine. After that, Louie headed home and Dad took me back home.

So, I’ve learned my lesson: moderate my damn caffeine intake!

Ah, well… today will be spent catching up on my recorded TV viewing, as well as finally sitting down and watching The Chronicles of Riddick. Then, tonight, I’ll meet Louie for dinner and drinks (seeing as I didn’t get to do so yesterday). A nice quiet day is just what I need after yesterday… heh.