KNEEL BEFORE… Fedora Core 6?

Okay, so, Fedora Core 6 was released today. I might try it out on a virtual box at some point. However, the thing that caught my eye was the announcement message.

This is the announcement of Zod. Zod permits you to call him “Fedora Core 6”.

Tremble, Earthlings, for Zod is released from the confines of testing. Zod intends to hammer the servers of the world … starting TODAY! For those who chose the world-domination-acceptance package in your last installation, you need do nothing — Zod is beaming itself to your computers already. If your keyboard begins to get hot, back away … very … slowly …

For the rest of you minions who failed to do Zod’s bidding previously, this is your ONE AND ONLY CHANCE to redeem yourself. Go quickly! Download the torrent NOW. Obtain the ISO immediately. Zod’s minions know to back up their /home directory and to begin immediate installation of the GREATEST version of Fedora Core EVER.

Massive downloading of Zod is known to melt servers worldwide, so Zod commands all who are able to use bittorrent.

Now if only all software publishers had that kind of a sense of humour… heh. :-)