An addition to the Christmas received stuff…

What a day. Today was moving day at the office; several people moved offices today, and I spent much of my day running between offices, getting phone lines swapped and computer equipment set up at their new locations. The sad thing is, it’s not done yet… I’ve yet to finish getting the Sales and IT offices up and running. I’ve spent the past few days working out of one of the conference rooms because I don’t have a desk or office yet. Good thing I was able to forward my office phone to my cell… heh.

Anyway, Aunt Norma arrived for a visit from Manchester today. She’ll be here for just under a week; unfortunately, Louie probably won’t be able to come by and say hi. Chris might, though… Chris met her back in 1990 when he and I visited England for a couple of weeks and stayed at her cottage. :-) Ah, well… anyway, she arrived with three more Christmas gifts, and I was a very happy camper. :-) She got me…

  • Three five-packs of Cadbury Crunchie candy bars
  • The soundtrack to the new Doctor Who TV series
  • Doctor Who – The Official Annual 2007 in hardcover
  • A CD of David Tennant reading Doctor Who – The Feast of the Drowned

The only one I had asked for was the Doctor Who soundtrack CD. It’s not available in the States yet, and Aunt Norma had insisted on bringing me a present, so I figured I should ask for something I KNEW I couldn’t get here. The annual book is actually from the magazine Doctor Who Adventures, which is aimed at children. It’s amusing to read and would make a good collector’s edition, though. :-) The audiobook CD came with a recent issue of the Radio Times; she didn’t know whether I would want the second CD (the one I got was the first part), but she’ll send it by post as soon as she gets home.

As far as the Cadbury Crunchies go, well… whenever I go to England (or family come from England), I only ask for two things: Doctor Who stuff and Cadbury Crunchies. Cadbury Crunchies are my favorite candybar: they’re milk chocolate over a crunchy honeycomb center. :-) Unfortunately, Crunchies are only available via import, so I usually have to wait until family come from England before I can have some. Ah, well… they’ll make a nice treat for me. :-)

In any event, I’ll probably end up using the gift cards soon, so I’ll post what I got from those. For now, though, I’m VERY happy with what I got, and am looking forward to giving the soundtrack CD a listen. :-)