At the end of another weekend…

Bleh. I activated a two-day trial code for Xbox Live Gold this afternoon so I could play some Gears of War against people like Cone41, BloodySinner, and Total-MK. The end result was that I got my ass kicked so badly that after one set of matches, I shut my Xbox 360 down and set the home theater receiver to play music off my iPod. It ceases being fun when you’re almost always the first one killed and even when you try to take down someone it never works.

Otherwise, it’s been a rather uneventful weekend here. Friday night was spent at the Cheesecake Factory, as I met my boss there for dinner to discuss work-related matters. It was good to get a meal there, as it had been a long week at work for reasons I’d rather not get into here. Yesterday was mostly a slow day, other than driving up to Louie’s place to meet him and Dave for dinner. After watching the Colts beat the Chiefs, we drove over to Benihana’s for dinner. It was a good thing we had gotten reservations, as when we got there we still had to wait a bit for a table, and people arriving without reservations were being told that it would be a two hour wait for a table. After a very good meal, we went back to Louie’s place and watched the Cowboys fall to the Seahawks, followed by some World Series of Poker. Dave also gave me two belated Christmas presents: the movie Bubba Ho-Tep on DVD, and a book by Carl Hiaasen called Sick Puppy. Thanks, Dave!

As for today, not much was really done that was productive. That suits me fine, really, as after this past week I REALLY needed some downtime. Right now, as stated previously, I’m listening to my iPod on my home theater, and drinking some bottled water. The rest of this week, well… I don’t know what all will be going on. I will be putting an end to my lunches out, and will be eating my sandwich at my desk. Hopefully that will help me shed a few pounds… heh. Tomorrow evening will also be spent taking my old 19″ ViewSonic CRT monitor over to George’s house; he needs a new monitor and this CRT was doing nothing except for gathering dust in my storage facility.

Ah, well. We’ll see how this week goes, and then take it from there, I guess. :-)