Okay, seriously… what the hell?

This has been one messed up day down in the ol’ work parking lot.

I got in at my usual time (that is, to say, 6:45 AM), and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When Jesse (my IT coworker) got in at 8 AM, he told me there was a panhandler down in the parking lot who hit him up for money. He apparently also got the corporate controller and the CFO as well. I don’t know if anyone ever ended up telling him to leave, but still… this is a first for my building.

Then, it got weirder. Around lunchtime I went up to the datacenter, and there was nothing out of the ordinary when I left or came back. However, 5 PM came around, and I packed up and left. When I got down to the car, I noticed some… marks on the driver’s side window that had not been there when I got back from the datacenter.

Lipstick marks on the windshield...

I apologize for the crummy pic, as I used my camera phone and the lighting outside is terrible, but that is what it looks like: lipstick stains. Someone, for some reason, kissed my driver’s side window three times. I have no idea who, and I have no idea why. Considering the area of town my office is in, I almost don’t want to know. I suppose I could check the security camera footage, but A) I don’t know if my car was in camera range, and B) I’m not sure I want to know what it was.

Let’s just hope this isn’t an omen for how the rest of the week is going to be.

2 thoughts on “Okay, seriously… what the hell?”

  1. I still want to know whose tail I need to be kicking there. Though I still say that you should check and not so I can go kicking some tail. I would somewhat want to know if it was friend or some weird stalker. :-P I love you, Sweety.

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