What a long technical weekend…

Bleh. Well, this is the first post after having upgraded the site to WordPress 2.1; I’ve gone ahead and upgraded the LiveJournal crossposter plugin I use as well, so hopefully everything will be back to normal before long. Ah, well… I’m really starting to dig the auto-save function the site has right now, though. :-)

I’m going to be annoyed for a while. For the past couple of months, it’s become obvious to me that the battery in my iPod was dying. It just would not hold a charge at all; if I started listening to it off of a charger, it would die after a couple of minutes. I finally gave in and sent it off for a battery replacement today. It annoys me because I use the iPod damn near daily. I listen to it whenever I’m driving to/from places, as I have a combination car charger and FM transmitter I use with it. I’ll end up having to dig out some of my burned CDs or (ugh) listening to the radio when driving to and from work for the next couple of weeks. And for those of you who are wondering why I don’t just buy a new iPod, well… my iPod is a 40 GB iPod. The choice is to either pay $400 for an equivalent iPod, or $75 for a battery replacement. I think $75 is a much better price to pay. ;-)

The other big thing I did this weekend was help Sinc get Vampire upgraded. For those who don’t know, Vampire is the stalwart Linux server he’s used for as long as I can remember in various different incarnations. Well, he finally decided this weekend to upgrade it to Slackware Linux 11.0. As his unofficial co-sysadmin, I got drafted to help him get it installed and operational. It took a while (especially with getting Apache/PHP and the firewall operational), but we finally got it completely up and running this afternoon. It was definitely one of those scenarios where I would have felt more comfortable being at the actual machine doing the upgrade… heh. Heck, we’re still coming across issues that we’re correcting. (Right now it’s getting X11 to work on remote machines over SSH… heh.) Ah, well.

Louie’s also expressed in getting a website similar to this one put together. I’ve gone ahead and sent him links to WordPress and Gallery so he can take a look at what is involved, but at some point he and I are going to have to sit down and decide what exactly he needs and what exactly he wants. That should be interesting; it took a while for me to decide what I wanted to do with this site, and I have no doubts it’ll be the same with his. Ah, well… we’ll see.

In any event, I think it’s time I got a good night’s sleep and pray everything is still working in the morning. :-) Fun fun…

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  1. I still think that Sinc should compensate me for time lost with you. Hahaha. I’m only kidding.

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