A weekend with friends… (Or: “So, what’s next for us?”)

So, last weekend was spent with Misty. Yesterday was a day out with Dave and Louie, as we decided to spend the day doing some sort of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The day wasn’t all THAT eventful, but it was a good day out and about. The plans were started on Thursday night when Dave called and we all arranged that we would meet on Saturday. From there, we proceeded with our plans…

Then again, Saturday morning started out more or less uneventfully, as I had an appointment to get my hair cut. After getting my hair cut and returning home (with a stop to get more razor cartridges), I got cleaned up and got ahold of Dave to see what the final plans were. It turned out he had planned on cooking us hamburgers for lunch. I was in for that; however, I ended up making a late start to my drive down to Dave’s and arrived there fifteen minutes later than expected. I had brought along my DVD of The Complete Superman Collection (which is a collection of Max Fleischer’s Superman cartoons) in case Dave would be interested in watching; that turned out to be unnecessary, as Louie was already there watching the NCAA tournament.

Soon enough, the burgers were served, and were quite good, too. The only complaint I MIGHT have had was the lack of ketchup, but considering all Dave had was of questionable freshness, it was quite understandable. :-) After we had eaten and watched one of the games end, we made our way out to Border’s. While Louie and I wandered around, Dave went and found what books he was looking for and purchased them. In hindsight, I should have taken the Border’s gift card I had gotten from Misty with me, as I saw copies of From Russia With Love and Thunderball in trade paperback that I would have liked to have picked up.

From there, we headed over to Best Buy; on the way there, I saw a Raising Cane’s restaurant on Westheimer. I tried to take a pic to send to Misty, but by the time I thought about it and got my camera ready, we were already well past it. At Best Buy, I mainly browsed, as I didn’t really see much that I would have wanted to get my hands on, except maybe Supreme Commander for PC. Once we were done there, we headed back to the apartment, with a stop in CVS to pick up some Doritos. Once back at the apartment, we continued watching NCAA tournament basketball, with some breaks to watch some videos on MTV and YouTube.

Around 8:15 PM, we closed everything down and made our way over to the TGI Friday’s in Sugar Land for food and drinks. We sat at the bar, and ordered our drinks; I should have picked a Guinness to go with St. Patrick’s Day, but I chose a Shiner Bock instead. As we watched basketball and talked, Louie turned to me and said that things between me and Misty seem to be serious. I agreed, and then Louie turned to Dave and said, “So, what’s next for us?” Now they’re on the gf hunt; Louie has a much better chance as he takes dance classes at a studio, though. :-) I also made it clear they’d definitely meet Misty when she decides to come visit… heh. They’re going to Austin next weekend, and will likely go with a former coworker of Louie’s to hit the singles’ hotspots there. Good luck to them, as I’m staying right here. :-)

When we got finished eating and drinking, we paid our tab and made our way back to the apartment. Louie excused himself and made his way out quickly when we arrived, as he had just learned of a family emergency. I stayed for a few minutes more, and then ended up leaving myself. On the way back, Misty called and kept me company as I drove home. (And yes, I was using my Bluetooth earpiece.)

All in all, it was a fun day. As for today, it’s been rather uneventful other than writing posts and upgrading the Gallery on the site. I’ll probably watch a movie or two a bit later, but otherwise I’m just going to rest and relax, in preparation for the long work week. Fun fun…