Cellular phone weirdness…

All right, I had a rather… spooky bit of weirdness with my cell phone late yesterday afternoon.

As I was driving to meet Louie for drinks last night, my cell phone rang. I answered it via my Bluetooth earpiece (as the phone itself was folded closed and in my shirt pocket), and I heard a male automated voice say, “Connecting.” Then I heard the phone ring twice, and the automated attendant at my office answered. I raised an eyebrow, and hung up, thinking that someone must have messed up trying to transfer a call to me.

A few minutes later, my phone rang again. I didn’t recognize the number, but I answered it. I heard the phone ring twice, and then someone said, “Thank you for calling the Cheesecake Factory of Houston. How may I help you?” Shocked, I mumbled something about maybe having a wrong number and hung up. A few minutes later it happened AGAIN while I was on the phone with the network admin at work about it; this time it also had the voice saying, “Connecting.”

I ended up calling Cingular, but they were about as baffled as I was. Fortunately it didn’t happen again.

What caused this to go from just weird to goddamned weird was what happened later in the night. After returning home, I was doing a brief check of mail and chat before going to bed. I looked in #mortalkombat, and a regular with the nick GuiltyByDesign was telling everyone that the same thing that had happened to me earlier in the day had happened to her as well. As for what could have been in common between us… beats me. She’s in South Dakota and I’m in Houston, and she uses Verizon while I use Cingular.

I need to take a look around on the net later to see if anyone else has had that issue. Still, it’s damned odd, and I wish I knew what the hell happened. I don’t need this kind of spookiness in my life… heh.

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  1. You think that was weird? Saturday around 7:00pm I was driving to go get a haircut and as I am looking down a cross street I realize that I am watching someone dressed in a full-on chicken suit pushing a kid in a stroller.

    Very freaky.

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