The weekend in review: a party and an invitation…

Well, this has been a pretty slow weekend, all told. I’m not saying it’s been a bad weekend; as a matter of fact, Saturday night was a great deal of fun. Still, it’s been more or less slow, which is a good thing considering the week or two that will be coming up.

Friday night was rather quiet. I got to play some Gears of War online with the #mortalkombat folks, and also played a bit of the demo of Command & Conquer 3. Of course, I didn’t get to play too much of the C&C3 demo because Misty called. :-) I’ll probably end up playing it a bit more later this week to get more impressions on it. Meanwhile, Dad went ahead and watched Casino Royale, which I went ahead and got for him off my Netflix queue. I had offered to let him watch it on my HDTV, but he declined. It turned out he loved the film, and is planning on getting it on DVD. He’s also asked about watching a film on my TV now… heh.

Saturday was quiet during the day. About the most eventful thing that happened was the fact that I got a letter addressed to me; or, rather, me as an employee of Mortal Kombat Online. I opened it, and to my surprise, it was an official invitation to E3. Considering E3 is a much smaller show this year and is strictly invite-only, I was shocked to receive one. None of us from MK Online were even expecting to be able to go. Now I just need to find out whether or not it would be worth my time attending. We’ll see… heh.

After Mom and Dad went to the Cheesecake Factory up at the Woodlands with our next door neighbors, I got some Chinese takeout from Hunam Garden. After eating, I went to Brian’s and Becky’s house (with a stop at Joe Blows to pick up some Shiner Bock and a couple of bottles of Monty Python’s Holy Ale) for their movie night. Once everyone had more or less arrived, we got regaled with a double feature. :-) The first movie we watched was Monty Python and the Holy Grail. After that movie finished, though, a bunch of us got together and caught up… and then left. By the time the second film had started, we were down to a third of the original audience. The second film was Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy. It wasn’t a film I would have gone out of my way to see otherwise, but truthfully it was a pretty funny film. After the movie was finished, I caught up with the others again, and then made my way home at the same time as everyone else.

Today was again more or less uneventful. After getting up and talking to Misty for a bit (and after breakfast and lunch), I went ahead and watched disc 6 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Otherwise, I haven’t been doing too much other than browsing the web, chatting with Misty, and having dinner with the folks. Right now I have Cops playing on the TV, and am just relaxing for the most part.

This week should be pretty busy. The Offshore Technology Conference is next week, and I’m one of the people responsible for getting our booth there ready, especially as far as our electronic displays go. In addition to other projects, it should be a pretty interesting week.

Ah, well. I might as well just enjoy the quiet as long as I can. :-)