Traffic overwhelming?

Well… damn. Heh. I knew yesterday when I put up that post about MK Online’s downtime that it would add to the amount of bandwidth the site uses. What I WASN’T prepared for was the sheer volume I got, not to mention the fact that I got more comments in that one post in less than 24 hours than the site got in the past six months. :-) (No, that doesn’t count the comments on the LiveJournal mirror.) I admit I’m kind of surprised I haven’t really been Slashdotted, but all in all things are going well on that front. I’m just hoping MK Online’s hosting provider has the new server ready sooner rather than later…

I’m just spending my lunch break relaxing and mentally preparing for the trip tomorrow. Day trips to Corpus Christi are rarely any fun, as it entails a three to four hour drive through mostly boring countryside, with a couple of slow spots through small towns. The plan is for me to leave Houston at 6 AM (which is when I usually leave for work anyway) and hopefully be back on the road to Houston by 6 PM. (I need to get dinner and gas before I drive back, after all.) About the only thing that makes the drive bearable is the fact that I always take the iPod with me… heh. Ah, well. It should be an uneventful trip.

As far as this weekend goes, though, it’ll be anything but uneventful. I have two massive upgrades at the office to help with, and if the new MK Online server is up by then I’ll be working on that. Throw in the fact that I have to take Mom to dinner for Mother’s Day on Saturday, and I’m looking at a very busy weekend. My one hope is that maybe Louie will be up to going out and getting drinks somewhere Sunday night. God knows I’ll definitely be ready for a couple by then.

Otherwise, other than dealing with a couple of work issues, it’s been a relatively peaceful day… other than dealing with a few trolls on the downtime post. I replied to one twice, before deciding said troll wasn’t really worth the space and deleting all of his posts (and my replies to him). I’ve taken to firewalling off those people. *sigh* Believe me, it gets old. Ah, well… they’re not really worth worrying about. :-)

Anyway, gotta do a couple of things now during lunch to prep for tomorrow, so I should get that done. Fun fun…

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  1. Yeah, yeah. Leave out the girlfriend. Just for that I am running off with B_MK. *pouts*

  2. Hahaha…..well, I was told that I could not run off with any Australians so I settled for BMK since he makes me laugh.

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