Doctor Who’s oldest enemy… now a fan?!

BBC Chairman fan of new Doctor Who series.

Nearly seven million said goodbye to Doctor Who this weekend, including the show’s most surprising new fan… Michael Grade, the man who axed Doctor Who in the 80s.

News has rearched the Doctor Who website that the BBC Chairman was so moved about the new series that he sent an email of praise to Director General Mark Thompson…

This is not easy to write Рas you will readily understand. But here goes ̴ congratulations to all involved in Dr Who: to whoever commissioned it, those who executed it, the writers, the cast, the publicity folk that promoted it, the schedulers and of course the late Sydney Newman who invented the whole thing.

I truly enjoyed it and watched it every week with my six and half year old son who is now a fan.

A classy, popular triumph for people of all ages and all backgrounds – real value for money for our licence fee payers.

PS never dreamed I would ever write this. I must be going soft!”