Tuesday evening and no respite from the work…

*sigh* I could use a vacation. I really could.

This past weekend was long and miserable, for the most part. I ended up getting home from Robstown at 10 PM Friday night; it probably would have been sooner, had I not stopped in Rosenberg to get dinner. Saturday was slow for the most part, other than taking Mom to a Mother’s Day dinner at PF Chang’s. It was a good thing I had gotten reservations, though, as there was over an hour wait for a table. Mom and Dad had never been, so it was a real treat for them. They ended up really enjoying it, so chances are it’s become a possible birthday/special occasion dinner place. :-) However, after we got home, I had to log into the office network remotely so I could do some upgrades to some engineering workstations. That began the real chore of the weekend, as I quickly found that not everyone had left their machines switched on. *sigh* Obviously that put a bit of a monkeywrench in my plans…

In any event, I got up Sunday morning, to be greeted by a message from CCShadow letting me know that the new MK Online server was ready to be configured and have its data restored. First, though, I had to drive down to the office and upgrade those engineering workstations that were switched off. Once that was done, I drove back home and started work on the configuration of the new MK Online server. I finally finished configuring it and getting the data restored in the evening, I found that I needed it on the original IP address in order to finish testing. So, CCS got the appropriate email sent out, and I finally went to bed.

As far as Monday went, I did a little work on testing MK Online in-between trying to fix issues with the software upgrade that was done this weekend. The only issue we found was that every so often a blank white screen would come up. CCS and I managed to track the problem down to a database interface module conflicting with another one. We got it fixed by disabling the offending module, and reopened the site. However, an unwelcome side effect was that it brought down MK Warehouse…

I tried a fix today to get MK Warehouse up and running. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and my next fix will probably need to be tested before I implement. That probably won’t happen until Saturday morning, as Thursday and Friday evenings will be spent sitting in front of a laptop assisting with ERP software upgrades at work. *sigh* Ah, well. Hopefully Murdoink can wait until then to have the site back up and running.

I guess the one upside to all this is the fact that traffic to my site has gone back down to the mere trickle it was before MK Online redirected here temporarily. Now I can play online without worrying about timing out and all… heh.

Speaking of online, one thing I did on Sunday to try and unwind was watch something I had downloaded for free from Xbox Live Marketplace. They had made an episode of the old 80’s cartoon series Pac-Man available for download. (Yes, it was based on the arcade game.) Man, after watching that… it did NOT age well at all. It was almost painful to watch. Sometimes the nostalgia for such shows is better than the real thing, you know?

Anyway, I need to get back to working on fixing a couple of different things plus spend time with Misty. I’d been neglecting her this weekend and need to make up for it… :-)

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  1. Yup…yuppers…..so neglected….*pouts*

    See, I’m so cute when I pout. *winks* Love ya, Sweety.

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