Headache overwhelming…

Well, it’s the middle of another week… or close to the middle anyway. I’m just stuck at my desk right now, talking to Misty via IM while doing some work on the Mortal Kombat Online server. Nothing too serious, mind you… just finishing up working on the backup scripts. It was a good weekend this past weekend, for the most part… which kinda makes up for the crap day I had today.

Friday night was fun. After I got off work, I made my way back to north Houston, and instead of going straight home went to Becky and Brian’s house, where preparations were being made for a surprise birthday party for Becky. While Brian and Becky were at a school play, we were at the house getting things ready. In the end, I felt like a bit of a tool; I helped Heather get some balloons up, provided some wiring, and helped Autumn’s husband Brian get some streamers and lights hung. The rest of the time leading up to Becky’s arrival, though, was spent in the house in front of my laptop, helping out with a couple of database upgrades at work. :-/ While people were prepping I was waiting for scripts to finish running. In the end, though, Becky got home and was suitably surprised and elated. :-) The party itself was great, catching up with old friends. I must say, though, that I did a lot worse at Karaoke Revolution than I normally do. I’ll have to practice. After a while, though, I said my goodbyes and left; Sean, Jinny, and Henry were good enough to give me a lift back to my car, and I headed home.

Saturday was fun as well. At around lunchtime, I made my way down to Louie’s apartment, arriving at right about the same time as Dave did. From there, we went to Fuddrucker’s, where we had lunch. After lunch, we headed back to the apartment. While Louie and Dave worked on scanning slides, I got on the phone and talked with Misty. After talking to Misty a while, I fired up Louie’s PS2 and played a few rounds of Mortal Kombat II, followed by a game of Cyberball 2072. Once Louie and Dave were done, we sat down and watched the Mets and the Yankees play, followed by… God help me… bullriding. (Actually, bullriding is quite amusing to watch… what with watching how riders get thrown combined with the redneck accents of the announcers.) After that, we went and had dinner at Chili’s, followed by browsing at Borders then Barnes & Noble. Then, after getting some Marble Slab, we went back to the apartment and watched a bit more bullriding. Soon enough we were all getting tired and ended up heading home.

Not much happened Sunday, other than my sitting in the kitchen most of the afternoon working on my laptop, working on the Oracle servers at work. Heh.

As for today… blah. Today was the day from hell. As I was getting ready to leave this morning, I had to unplug the power to my laptop so I could pack it up. So, I go under the desk, and I kneeled under the desk to remove the power cord… and I heard something rip. It turned out I ripped my Dockers. :-/ After putting a new pair of pants on and packing the laptop, I headed to the datacenter… only to find that the version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 I had was old enough where it didn’t have the drivers for the hard disk controller on the server I needed to install it on. Gah! I ended up going back to the office so I could download new ISOs. Then, while at the office, I get a message from one of MK Online’s mods leading me to find that there was a problem with the server. After talking with the hosting provider support, CCShadow, and his father, the server was brought back up and running. Finally, I got an email this afternoon on my MK Online email account that ended up incensing me. *sigh* It didn’t help that I didn’t get any caffeine until 3 PM. (I usually have two or three cups of coffee in the morning.)

As for the rest of this week, well… on Thursday and Friday I will be out on a business trip to Odessa, TX. After that, I’ll have a three-day weekend to look forward to. I need a chance to relax and unwind… heh. For now, though, I’m just going to keep talking to Misty, have a beer, and continue working on these scripts and let them run. Ah, well… just another fun day for me.