… once again, attempting to do Hollywood stunts can lead to disaster.


Atlanta police are still trying to figure out what caused a car to plunge six stories out of a parking deck in Midtown, with the driver still inside early Wednesday morning.

Police said the 23-year-old driver behind the wheel of the car was trying to do something called drifting, not unlike the movie “Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift.” A driver would pick up a lot of speed, and then cuts his wheel sharply, causing the car to slide sideways, or “drift.”

At the Savannah Midtown Apartments at North and Piedmont Avenues, the bumper of the red Chevrolet Cavalier can be seen hanging from the sixth level of the parking deck. The car plunged from the sixth level to a dumpster behind the garage.

After the car hit the ground, apartment residents said they had heard the squealing from the parking deck. They ran downstairs to see if the driver was okay. They said he was conscious, but bleeding a lot.

The unidentified driver is in stable condition at Grady Memorial Hospital, but facing a number of charges, including DUI, reckless driving and criminal damage to property.

Some of you might remember the earlier news story I posted where someone died after his car plunged from a car park to the street or roof below. That time it was because the driver apparently was backing his brand new car into a parking spot and misjudged the amount of throttle needed. This time, it was pure stupidity; Darwin must be spinning in his grave right now. At least he has to deal with the aftermath of wrecking his car…