Please… just set the records straight.

Blah. Normally I would not post this but I’m getting a bit tired of this issue.

My mother received a letter from Spring Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge the other day. Once she opened it and read it, she brought it up to me for me to read. Once I read it, I shook my head and decided to email a response to the sender, who was a salesperson at the dealership. (Note: the letter was not from the salesperson who sold the car to me.) I hadn’t had any real problems with the dealership until now save one, and this is another example of how the problem was not fixed. The letter, as I wrote it…

We received your letter to my mother congratulating her on the purchase of a 2008 Dodge Avenger, and offering to help if there were any problems. I wanted to let you know that we appreciate the letter, and I want to take you up on your offer of help.

She did not purchase the Avenger. I did. She has absolutely nothing to do with the Avenger whatsoever. The car is in my name and she wasn’t even present at the dealership at any time when the car was sold to me.

We have been telling your dealership’s employees multiple times that we are not responsible for each others’ vehicles in our family; we all have Dodge/Chrysler vehicles but we do not appreciate them all being lumped under one name. I know you all mean well, but it does kind of put a damper in our confidence in you when you can’t get your records in order even after being corrected several times.

If you could get this matter corrected for us, we would greatly appreciate it.

I’m hoping this email gets the issue fixed, but personally… I’m not hopeful. We’ll see what happens from here.